Compelling Reasons to Buy at 111 Forsythe

There are several facts that point to the observation that it is a great time to buy at 111 Forsythe.  Looking at  supply and demand it is important to note that in Dec 2009 there were 15 units for sale and in Dec 2010 there were 9 units for sale and in Dec 2011 there are 4 for sale. It is pretty safe to state that supply is down. On the demand side in 2009 4 units sold, in 2010 5 units sold, in 2011 7 units have sold so it is pretty safe to say that demand has increased .  So with supply down and demand up one should expect prices to be up at 111 Forsythe. Even without the supply and demand imbalance given the price increases in the condo market you would expect that 111 Forsythe would be selling for more than in 2009. Asking prices/sq ft are lower on average at 111 Forsythe than they were in 2009. I forcast  that 111 Forsythe is at the lowest price/sq ft now and that average price/sq ft is headed up. Economics 101 and Real Estate 101 tell us so. Are the buyers and investors listening?

Cheers…Doug Izon P. Eng. Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Dreams 905-599-1265,; Mortgage Broker, AMP, Centum Total Mortgage Services Inc. Lic # 10646

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